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As early as a decade ago, it was difficult to create a website by your own. It was considered an impossible mission, you had to have programming knowledge to create a unique design. Of course, there have always been professionals who are ready to create a website for your needs and wishes, but it must have cost plenty of money. Fortunately, with the creation of the unique designer of site Wix, all the problems associated with the creation of the site and its design are far behind. Developers of the project offer a convenient editor that allows everyone to make their own resources, and it’s not necessarily to have special knowledge and skills. The only difficulty that awaits the user is the choice of a template. What is Wix? Wix website editor is absolutely free and convenient platform for creating and hosting websites that does not require special programming knowledge.

It’s easy to create a Wix site web, and you probably will like this process. Interface, which works on the drag-and-drop principle , operates exactly as it should – though sometimes it slows down a little. In general, you have the possibility to learn how to work with Wix, and also become a real web pro.

To create a Wix free website, start from scratch or select one of more than five hundred design templates. The innovative function of the site allows you to change anything you like. You are free to find any Wix website review on the Internet. It is great for creating simple websites: business card site, personal site, portfolio. If you want to demonstrate your work or products – make the site on Wix! One of the few services that allow you to create a full-fledged website for free.

Wix Site – Easy to Make

The first thing that attracts users to Wix website builder is a clear interface and ability to get hints on any issue of the service, which is especially useful for beginners. For a short time, an ordinary PC user, even without knowledge of the layout basics, is able to create his own site with original design. All features of the Wix hosting are understandable and available for instant mastering by the average user.

You probably know that you should have a domain name to create a site. The domain name is the first thing people come across when they get to your site. So it’s better to make the right choice. Those who already have a website on Wix know that it can be done and put on the network absolutely free of charge. All our sites are full and functional, the only difference from other resources is the additional suffix .wix.com. It means that if you use a regular (free) tariff plan, the domain name of your site looks like this: username.wix.com/site_name. If you want the website address looks better on the business card and matches the company name, it’s time to get your own wix domain name. Buying any of the annual premium plans, you get a free domain for one year. The list of gift domains includes .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co.uk, club and .xyz zones.

The creation of sites on the Wix platform is a creative process. This system is equipped with a lot of design features. A huge advantage of the platform is the simple editor, which allows you to edit the site by yourself. Let’s take a look at some Wix website examples: medical and cosmetology clinic site in Tallinn (Estonia) – www.medpluss.ee; the school of Nordic walking in Belarus – www.nordicwalking.by; the Chinese factory for manufacturing printed circuit boards – www.jst-pcba.com.

To create a successful site on Wix you should set the goals and targets, understand your audience, analyze the market segment and competitors. You could go through the websites and learn something from others.

In addition, you are able to create a wix landing page. Landing Page is a one-page website, made for the sale of goods or services. It’s like an advertising page designed to turn visitors into customers. A rich set of widgets, built-in graphics editor, animations, icon sets, raster shapes and scrolling effects will make it possible to create a bright lending, claiming for a high conversion. To work with the client base there is built-in CRM, the ability to configure marketing and trigger mailings, for the analysis of results – Google Analytics. The structure of the lending is realized through anchor references to the layout areas.

You have the possibility to go over wix website reviews on the net and get to know all the ins and outs. The main advantage of the service is its availability for ordinary users, who in a very short time can create working, interactive sites with original design.

Wix Review

A wide selection of original templates, ease of design changes and elements management on the pages of the site web wix make the resource one of the leaders among site builders. WixAppMarket greatly extends the functionality of the site designer, and a wide range of different applications can satisfy even the exquisite tastes of users. Wix Seo-optimization features allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of website promotion, and integration with social networks provides an opportunity to get initial traffic of visitors without costs.

Wix doesn’t offer static pages, but a full-featured set for creating a site you have always dreamt about.

Let’s get with the basic functions:

Wix blog – if you add this option, the corresponding section will appear on the site, you can choose the options for displaying posts. The blog has its own section in the editor.

Online store – a full interface with different payment methods. You can connect the PayPal and Wix ecommerce buttons.

Gallery and slideshows are functions for a variety of presentation of photographs or products.

Video, music, social networks – you can set all of them in one click. For video as a source, you can choose Youtube or Vimeo, and with additional Wix applications, you can also access your own upload without ads.

Wix reviews, contacts, forum, comments, search engine – a complete set for the organization of interaction with site users. The set is supplemented with forms, as well as Google maps.

You have the possibility to know more about people who visit your site. Wix Analytics – it helps you to find out  which pages readers prefer or where these readers are in the world. Track visitors, show traffic counter in public and receive detailed reports by email.

Wix Websites Alternatives

Are there any Wix alternatives? You can find a lot of site designers on the Internet. Both paid and free options are offered, and it is possible to find something that works for all your parameters and requirements. Let’s compare Wix and other site-builders:

Wix vs WordPress

Wix is a universal constructor, you can create a site in an instant here. With Wix, you can make: online store; personal blog; corporate website; site-business card; lending and others. Using Wix does not require you to have any professional knowledge or special training. The process of creating a website is indistinguishable from the process of creating presentations. Even without watching, by trial and error, you will figure it out in 20-30 minutes.

The complexity of using (for a beginner) is the WordPress Achilles heel. At the same time: the complexity of creating a site on a CMS is much higher than the complexity of creating a site on WordPress. In terms of functionality, more advantageous option is Wix. A newcomer can easily get off the road even at the beginning of working with WordPress: just specify the wrong number in the DNS domain address, and the site will no longer be displayed on the network.

Wix vs Weebly

Weebly offers a large number of functions and editing capabilities. The editor works on drag-and-drop technology, all the changes are displayed in real time, you can use the preview function at any time. If you are determined to use it to create an online store, be ready to spend some money on the “Business” tariff, but you are able to create a personal website or business card on the “Start” tariff plan.

Squarespace vs Wix

These platforms are for individual bloggers and businessmen. If you are going to make an account in Squarespace at no cost,  fill in a name, email address and come up with a password. Now you start to create a website, select a template and type in the site name and description. Wix is really user-friendly. It is also quite easy to manage your page. On the other side, the Squarespace builder is made for users with advanced technical skills.  The Squarespace service offers only a 14-day free trial period, you able to create your site during this time – but you can’t launch it, this function is available only for money. Wix has a free version, but the site address will be the name of the Wix platform, Wix advertising will be shown here, the functionality is limited too.

Wix vs Shopify

Shopify is a designer from a Canadian company that produces software for online and offline stores. Shopify is structurally and functionally closer to CMS than to builders. You can test the designer for free for 14 days, but then you need to switch to one of the premium rates. If you want to get traffic from other countries, create an international online store and spend a lot of money on it, Shopify will be a good tool for implementing a plan to reach the Western world.