How to Make a Website And What You Need to Know to Do It

  1. Create your own website using a web-builder
  2. What difficulties you may face when you create website for free
  3. What you can get when you create a free website

There is a need to create your website, but where to start? First of all, you have to decide on hosting and domain name. Hosting and domain are concepts that define a place on the Internet. Hosting provides the necessary space for storing your site on the Internet, and the domain is responsible for its online address.

When choosing a hosting, pay attention to the following points:

  • It shouldn’t be too cheap.
  • You need a daily “backup” (backup data) on a separate server.
  • There should be support by phone – not just by email.
  • User-friendly interface for beginners.
  • The ability to work on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection in addition to the web interface.
  • Hosting must be reliable.

Choosing a domain name, follow these rules:

  • It should be memorable and easy to write. It is advisable to use phrases understandable to your target audience.
  • A domain should display the specifics of your company. For example, for a site selling clothes –
  • Try to use top-level domain names. If your business is directed only to a particular region, use domains of regional level.

If you want to create a website for free, let’s look at the advantages: first of all – minimum costs, practical implementation of all your ideas, the possibility of your own development. However, you may face disadvantages: the process can take a long time, there is a chance to do something wrong because of the lack of experience. Free plans can also include ads.

So, is it possible to create a website Canada free? Yes, today there are a lot of site builders which are operating successfully, and it is possible to make an excellent website. You might find it very easy, interesting and completely free.

If you are serious about trying to create a website free, be ready to allocate time and efforts. And who knows, maybe you will make great strides in this area.

Create Your Own Website Using a Web-builder


A popular and accessible way to create my own website is to order it in a web studio, but is there a cheaper way to do it? How can I make a website free by myself? As an alternative and cheap method you can use a website designer (this is a system of site building, which consists of a set of visual tools, here you can create and moderate sites without special knowledge and skills). There is no need to study programming – a builder will do everything for you. You also get offered the opportunity to make a website for free. Let’s list some advantages:

  1. Easy to use. Step by step, you choose the design and functionality of a site even without knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML-codes;
  2. Wide choice of templates;
  3. A large number of blanks of particular elements (buttons, menu options, fonts, feedback forms, etc.);
  4. Speedy publishing and easy content downloading;
  5. Storing a site on the builder’s own server, which reduces the risks of hacking and fraudulent activities.


  1. Limited possibilities in the choice of design;
  2. Restrictions on the use of free tariffs. You have to pay to remove advertising and often there will be restrictions on the functionality of a site;
  3. The difficulty in moving your site to another hosting. When it’s already made, it is almost impossible to move it.

There are dozens of online builders that differ in their capabilities. You should choose which one to use based on the specific tasks you are facing. So, as you can imagine, you are able to create your own website for free using web-builders, but be ready that there are some disadvantages.

Difficulties You May Face When You Create Website for Free

Some business organizations often save on the services of web studios and are used to coping on their own. Let’s try to understand all the nuances if you are going to create your own website free.

The most common way to get ready-made web design for free is to use a free website template. Usually such templates, professional and amateur, can be found on thematic sites. It is important to know that the template you downloaded is likely to be tied to a CMS, some templates will work only with a specific version of the CMS. You can use the template to create own website without changing its structure, but you can change the graphic elements, style sheets and placement of blocks, but these changes usually have a negative effect on the html layout, causing resentment of the company’s advanced clients, because the uniqueness of the design is not only a change of background and adding a logo, it is a completely unique interface, optimized for specific tasks of the site.

In most cases, during registration of a free hosting account, you will be asked to enter the name of the new 3-level domain or bind an existing one. You shouldn’t save on the domain. The longer the domain name, the fewer people will trust you, it will be harder to type it in the address bar of the browser and harder to remember.

It’s real to create website free, but if you don’t want to surf the Internet for a long time, understand the intricacies of setting up components – you are free to make website paying money for it.

What You Can Get When You Create a Free Website

It’s often thought that if you create a website for free quickly, that’s a bad thing necessarily. Today, more and more enterprising users of the World Wide Web are choosing the independent manufacture of Internet portals with the help of this tool. This is due to the fact that the site builder allows you to acquire a new full-fledged resource in a short period of time, without resorting to any special skills and assistance from programmers or developers. Create free website with own domain name  and get a number of advantages, namely: availability and ease of use of the designer – creating a resource with this tool is carried out step by step and easily, which eliminates the user from working with complex codes such as HTML and FTP ; separation of the text and design parts of the site – the layout of the future project is stored separately from the text component, so that the user can easily change the design in a few clicks; the presence of ready-made templates for the portal – eliminates the need for additional study of the programming language required when you create free website outside the designer; online publication of web pages – any changes are displayed on the site as soon as they are made; easy downloading of new pictures – the image and photos can be added without leaving the Internet browser and post them immediately on the pages; high level of reliability – files remain on the save on the builder’s server, so you do not have to worry about storing backup copies of data or about possible hacking of the site.

You are able to create a website Canada and tell about your company or about yourself to the whole world, attract a large number of readers or customers selling your products in the Internet space.