How to Make a Website for Free – What to Know

  1. How to create your own website
  2. How to create website and get money

The most frequently asked questions nowadays are “how to create a website from scratch?” or “how to create a website free?”. There is one thing that would help you. You could create a website using several ways, at no cost or paying money. First of all, you have to decide what is your site for. Some people and start-up companies are trying to save on everything, including the services of web studios, they create their own sites with the help of free site creation services. If you have never heard about such services, can’t help, but wonder how to create a website free of cost, then this resource will help you to make a choice. Here we will try to understand some nuances of free site creation and identify all the advantages and disadvantages of such sites.


  • you don’t have to pay, your site depends on your diligence, learning and free time; there are quite a few free website templates on these services and you can choose the right one for yourself; you don’t have to make up a design, you just edit the text in the header and add your logo,  then you can fill in the information;
  • free hosting; don’t worry about the place for your site, you will get hosting completely free.


  • there are no guarantees of site availability and longevity (because you are not its owner);
  • there may be banners and / or pop-up ads on the main page and / or on all the pages;
  • you don’t own your site, just renting it.

So, how to create website for free? You can use site creation services and do it by your own, or you can contact people who will do everything by themselves and you’ll just have to pay and wait for results.

You are able to create a website even if you don’t know how to code. There are two ways: writing the site from scratch (more suitable for personal pages or business card sites) or using a ready-made engine (CMS, content management system).

How to Create Your Own Website

How to create my own website? You will be able to determine what site you want choosing the idea. It could be: personal blog, corporate site (some of us are interested in how to create a business website), Internet store, information portal. After choosing the main direction of your site, further actions will lead us to the title. Your site name should be readable, memorable and not very long. So that users can easily remember it. As a rule, users don’t remember long names.


Now we need an address for the site. The address is a domain, a unique name that is assigned to the site. Take into account the name of your project and topic, especially when creating a site. It is important for beginners to understand that the domain is the second name of the site.

Correct logical structure of the site. This part is important too. You should make a plan for the site you are creating. These are the site objects that users will see. Try to make a first draft of a structure for your project.

Your site describes you and it should match your needs and desires. Consider every detail of the image, don’t use everything that you think is beautiful. Each element and color must be dynamically combined with each other. That’s not enough to know how to create a free website, your design skills could help you to do better.

Create high-quality content for your site. It is the most important element. Any right content plays a huge role in indexing in the future. All your articles, photos and resources must be competently created. Everything should correspond to the theme of your project.

The main thing for you is to understand how to create a web site and how to do it by yourself.

How to create a website for free for your business

How do you create a website if it’s necessary for your business? Every business needs it, but not each website can be created cheaply, quickly and efficiently. Before developing a website, you need to understand what it is for: selling products / services or informing potential and existing customers. Information site is considered as a business card site. Business cards, as a rule, are necessary for those companies that are not going to promote themselves on the Internet. There is little information on such sites and they serve only as business cards.

If the company has one product, it is better to create a landing page. This is a one-page website that is designed for lightning fast sales. Therefore, it is suitable for the presentation of a single product or service (as well as paid activities). Its main goal is to present the product with the help of headings, infographics, multimedia information.

There are several ways of how to create a website for business:


Site designers look like a mega-site, here you can allocate some of its resources to create your site. Template design, restrictions on the amount of input data, site name as part of the resource name and plus advertising – it’s going to be your payment if you create your own website for free. But the advantage of such designers is that it’s free, you can create a website in just a couple of hours, you do not need a deep knowledge of programming – the site is created and configured in a special editor with different web page modeling tools.


First, you select and register the name of your site (domain) on a domain name  registrar and choose hosting (a company that provides resources for its placement). Then you install a CMS system and configure the site for your needs.

Which way to create own website is better? It all depends on the criteria that you put forward. If you think of how to create your own website for free – then the first way is suitable: create free sites on the services.

How to Create Website and Get Money

Maybe you have often asked yourself this question. So you should answer one more question – how to create a membership site. What is it? It’s a closed club with a monthly membership fee. Through constant contact with customers, you will increase the loyalty to you and / or your brand and create a base of potential buyers. It is a stable source of income. If you regularly give your subscribers useful content, resources and other help, they continue to pay for the subscription. Before you create a website, find out what your customers want.

The proposed system has already passed the break-in and proved its efficiency.